Blight Upon Humanity: The Education System

Krishna Shah
5 min readMar 25, 2022

Deprecate the education system.

The Education System

Many believe that math is all about 1+2 and a+b and just a conglomeration of random facts and virtual things meant to waste students’ time. Furthermore, they question why study chemistry, physics, biology, etc. And every person in the modern education system will likely agree.

The fact is that the modern education system is based on a few hundred-year-old, textbook-based lifestyle, which doesn't adequately suit the mindset of the generation today. Many things aren’t told to “prevent confusion” or “make it easier” that certainly worked 200 years ago, but have an adverse effect today. Today, they make students study and memorize equations, memorize names, dates, and places. They “teach” students formulas that look foreign to students’ naive eyes. And even though there is a beautiful reason, proof, explanation, or logic behind every single one of these topics, it has been concealed in the interest of time and money.

Higher precedence is given to tests and quizzes than to the acquisition of knowledge and understanding. Although tests are important to assess the depth of a student’s knowledge of a topic, there is a lack of coordination among teachers. This tessellates testing schedules such that students have tests and quizzes almost every single day. What purpose do they serve in teaching the student the beauty of this planet? Isn’t the true purpose of education to demystify the intricate mysteries this world possesses? Or is it to assess students, rank them, and sort them into groups based on their ability to persevere and sustain the pain these tests impose?

The Promise

What if there was a world where the education system was a flexible string, on which students can gain experience, learn, and appreciate the world? What if the system was dedicated to finding the true nature of every student? Every person has a skill that they excel at; and if this skill is found early, the student greatly benefits from the fruits a hobby has to offer. If not, the student is forced to pick a stream of their choice after 4 years of general studies like mathematics, reading, science, and history. Imagine if each student was passionate about a subject so much that they would spend all of their free time on it? This would, of course, be in addition to the traditional courses taught intuitively.

I believe that it is the education system’s job to assist students in discovering their passion for a field of study. This will exponentially increase the skill-set in the workforce and provide the world an avenue to rapidly expand and innovate. Instead of working in jobs, why can’t people make discoveries, find problems and solutions, and have an urge to help society? Isn’t that the true purpose of education? Isn’t that the purpose of humanity?

Real Education

However, I am not saying that what students learn in the education system is incorrect. Quite the opposite actually. I think that the education system is teaching the correct subjects and topics, but simply in the wrong fashion.

Mathematics in the real world

I am sure you remember learning about hyperbolic functions like sinh, cosh, and tanh . I am sure you found them completely unrelatable and useless. But look at the images below:

cosh(x) function

Do you notice a similarity? Some engineers wanted to ensure that a hanging bridge is safe. So, they tried to model a bridge, hanging on ropes, using a curve. They could NOT find a single curve that fits the bridge. Only when they found hyperbolic functions were they able to perfectly model the bridge. In fact, any flexible material suspended in the air by 2 points follows this curve!

Turns out that hyperbolic functions are everywhere in nature. Bubbles always try to reduce their surface area. They follow the catenary curve(cosh(x) )! These curves are now used anywhere that requires string or optimized shapes. Any energy-optimization, area-optimization, etc. requires these functions.


Hobby Searching

The schools should assist students to find their hobbies and teach them the general curriculum in a more intuitive way. This is the only way to cultivate a strong and specialized community that can advance our civilization.


They should explain the proofs, logic, and implications of everything students learn. They should teach us the logic, not the rules. Students should learn the history of mathematics and science. Students should be taught the genesis of each formula, theorem, and concept. Only when students understand why they are learning these topics, will they truly understand the meaning behind them. After that, there will be no need for studying or preparation, everyone will intrinsically understand the lessons. They will see applications of it anywhere.


The modern education system consists of antique courses and teaching methods from the Industrial Revolution. This doesn’t benefit the more curious, modern generation. I would like you to contemplate today; when you were in the schooling system, were these your opinions too?

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